Practice Areas

Estate and Medicaid Planning:
The age old wisdom of “Plan Ahead” is never more true than it is when one is looking to preserve, protect, and transfer valued assets that you have acquired over your lifetime. We can assist you to accomplish this through Wills and Trusts and the coordination of asset ownership and beneficiary designation.  We can achieve this while also maximizing tax considerations. A Medicaid Trust may be an important tool we can prepare for you to deal with nursing home planning, allowing you to retain income, control of assets, and avoid probate, thus reducing the time and cost to transfer assets. If the time comes when admission to a nursing home is inevitable, we can complete the complex Medicaid application process on your behalf.

Estate Administration:
The death of a loved one generates an emotionally challenging time for the surviving family members. Peace of mind can be found in the knowledge that a professional, compassionate , and knowledgeable attorney is assisting you and your family to navigate the transfer of your loved one’s valued assets. We will assist you with estate and gift tax issues and retitling of assets.  In some cases it is necessary to contest a will, and we are experienced and knowledgeable in the processes required to represent you throughout this procedure.

Real Estate:
Whether buying or selling, we offer extensive experience in these transactions.